3 Effective Ways to Stop Excessive Body Sweating

Published: 12th December 2008
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For many people hyperhidrosis is embarrassing and they look for treatments to stop excessive body sweating. Let us take a brief look at 3 effective ways. You can take natural remedies, use Botox or lose weight by performing a healthy diet. In this article we discuss these different ways to stop excessive body sweating in detail.

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Natural remedies have no side effects and can help you to lower excessive transpiration. The use of turnip juice or sage tea is working for few people because they have antiperspirant quality. In order to get results with these remedies you should drink a glass of turnip juice, respectively a cup of sage tea, on a daily basis. Another natural method to stop excessive body sweating is the use of baby powder which absorbs the sweat. After discussing natural options, let us review a treatment with Botox.

The use of Botox has increased dramatically over the past years. Botox is injected with ultra fine needles into the top layer of the skin. The sweat glands are located at the top layer of the skin, and the needles don't affect the muscles. The usage of Botox has often been found effective in order to stop excessive body sweating. However, there are two disadvantages you should keep in mind before using Botox. Firstly, Botox isn't cheap. Secondly, as any medicine, some side effects like nausea, muscle weakness, indigestion or heartburn or high blood pressure are possible. Because of the possibility of the mentioned side effects I don't recommend the usage of Botox to stop body excessive sweating. Now that we have discussed Botox as an opportunity to stop hyperhidrosis, let us talk about weight loss.

Most people who suffer under excessive sweating are overweight or obese. If you have some extra pounds of fat on your body, a healthy and effective diet is the best and easiest way to stop excessive body sweating. And as a positive side effect you can prevent some health issues by performing a diet as well. The key factor in order to lose weight is to implement little changes into your lifestyle, permanently. Dieting for a specific time span isn't working. Don't fall into the the yo-yo effect trap, but integrate some changes especially into your habit of eating and lose weight once and for all. Here are some great tips in order to get started.

Your metabolic rate is the key factor when it comes to weight loss. You have to increase your metabolic rate several times a day. Every time you ingest food to your body your metabolic rate is boosting a little bit. In order to take advantage of this effect I highly recommend that you split your meals into 5 to 6 small portions per day. Try to decrease the intake of calories, especially the intake of carbohydrates in the evening.

Avoid fast food and foods like sweets, biscuits, jam, cakes, pastries, puddings, and ice cream, altogether. Good food options are: vegetables, salads with a low calorie dressing, lean meat, low fat quark, some fish, potatoes, noodles, oat flakes, protein shakes and some fruits like banana, apple or mango. By performing a healthy and well balanced diet you will lose weight and stop excessive body sweating.

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