Burning Back Pain - Causes and Treatments

Published: 19th April 2010
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Burning back pain is mainly caused by the tightening of the muscles due to overuse or doing continuous activities causing the muscles to tire and tighten which gives the feeling of a burning sensation.

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Causes of Burning Back Pain - Burning back pain often manifests itself from overworked or tired muscles. As muscles become stiff, continuous activities may cause various chemicals from the muscles to give a person a burning and painful sensation.

Further reasons may also be due to nerve damage, injuries like a ruptured disc that may be obstructing or protruding nerves on the spine, arthritis and even diabetes. Pregnancy may also be one of the causes due to a shift in the weight and balance that may stress the back muscles and make them stiff leaving burning back pain.

Possible Treatments for Burning Back Pain

Regular massage therapy also helps relax stiff and tired muscles. It's also an easy and quick remedy to reduce burning back pain. Using herbal oils may also help ease the pain.

Maintaining and improving proper posture also helps in placing less strain on the back muscles. There are even hospitals and doctors that advice various physical therapy treatments to improve and correct posture.

There are creams and topical remedies that may also relieve burning back pains and certain liniments may easily ease sore and tired muscle spasms. Some oils are also believed to ease away stiffness causing burning back pain plus other herbal remedies for those who wish to take the more organic option rather than oral pain medications.

Avoiding Burning Back Pain

Regular exercise is the easiest way to avoid burning back pain and loosen stiff muscles. Stretching exercises and routines like strength training will help improve blood circulation which enables the muscles to become relieved of strain and function better.

Apart from having the right exercise it is highly advised to maintain a proper diet with the help of vitamin supplements. Vitamin D for instance can help in avoiding muscle pain especially for those not properly getting the right amount of healthy sun exposure. Calcium from either supplements or milk may also help avoid both burning back pain and other muscle and joint pains as certain pains in the body, particularly on the lower back are also caused by poor bone strength and calcium deficiency.

Alternative exercises such as Yoga helps the muscles gain further flexibility and strength. There are also several routines in Yoga that helps blood circulate better, thus ensuring the muscles aren't deprived of oxygen and blood which may help to avoid stiffness, thus preventing burning back pain.

Chiropractors are also helpful especially for those experiencing burning back pains due to misaligned bones or traumas to the back area. Though they do not perform medical operations, they manually perform physical adjustments to the affected area, particularly adjusting joints that cause the muscle strains in certain cases as well.

Overall, maintaining an active and fit lifestyle will help you avoid burning back pains. Taking stretching breaks from sitting down for hours in front of the computer or walking for an hour a day will help flex the muscles and joints apart from improving and maintaining proper posture.

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