Lower Back and Hip Pain - Medical Conditions and Diseases

Published: 21st April 2010
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It has been seen individuals suffering from lower back pain often complain of pain in the hip area also. It is very common for pain in both these areas to go hand in hand. Though this condition may not be serious right now but in the near future it can cause a lot of problem if you don't pay attention to it.

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It hinders the individual's quality of life, limits the range of mobility, and also may be serious enough to cause paralyses if the cause of the pain is something serious like sciatica. What are the causes of lower back and hip pain? The causes can be numerable, what is important is to diagnose the problem correctly and get the right kind of remedy.

Listed below are few medical conditions and diseases which can be said to be the causes of lower back and hip pain.

Sciatica: The sciatica nerve which is located in the back and runs down the length of leg is somehow disturbed either by twist or pressure of vertebra discs results in tremendous pain in the lower back and hip areas. The pain can also run down the legs too.

Injury: Injury of some kind which had impact on your back or hip bones can also be responsible for lower back and hip pain. Sometimes muscle spasms of lower back too can cause pain in the area which moves to the hip region. If certain muscles in the back become too tired because of your overwork, sitting in wrong position or due to some other cause like long hour journey on motorbike, there is possibility you suffer from lower back pain or hip pain.

Arthritis: Old aged people who suffer from arthritis become vulnerable to lower back and hip pain. Arthritis can also result in inflammation of joints and connective tissues of the area.

Body weight: This is a very plausible cause of lower back and hip pain. If your weight is more than what your body proportion is, the bony structure of your body suffers a lot carrying your weight. Weight and back pain are often interrelated. Thus these are few causes of lower back and hip pain.

If you are overweight try out a weight loss program or diet to reduce your weight naturally and effectively. Don't go for pills or other weight loss products which guarantee you weight loss in a quick time. Diet and exercise is the ideal solution to your weight problem and back pain. But first make sure to learn more about lower back and hip pain and how you can cure it by clicking the following link.

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