Lower Right Back Pain – Helpful Home Remedies

Published: 21st April 2010
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Have you been dealing with lower right back pain for long? You must have tried a lot of things but didn't get the results. You can try some simple home remedies which are effective in treating your lower right back pain with ease and comfort. It is true that you need to diagnose your back pain to find out the right cause of it and then apply the right treatment.

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But it has been seen that lower back pain is common among people due to the sedentary lifestyles. The other common reasons of lower back pain are strained sitting conditions, bad posture of body while sitting or lying, uncomfortable chairs, putting extra pressure on back while lifting weights, and lack of body movements.

The pain that develops in the lower right back is relatively due to common causes as stated above. However it is important that before you apply the home remedies you go for a check up and find the exact cause of your back pain. Here are simple tips to tackle your lower right back pain.

• The right cure for lower right back pain is to keep moving. Movement relaxes stresses. If your movement is painful you should rest. When the pain starts just watch out for 10-12 hours, then apply ice packs and try to get the inflammation reduced. Go for a gentle walk if possible to ease the tension.

• Stretches are considered one of the best ways to overcome lower back pain. Balancing the pelvis is also an ideal way to reduce the pain. The best stretch is to pull the knee to your chest lying down. It may be a little uncomfortable initially but as you carry on it relaxes your muscle and also improves the mobility of your joints.

• Exercise is another remedy of lower right back pain. It relieves the tension of the area and reduces the pain in the area. Ask a physiotherapist about lower back pain exercises and he will show you some good exercise techniques which will always keep your back healthy and free from disorders like herniated discs or slip discs.

• Hot water treatment has been effective in curing back pain. Maintain a good posture of your body and back while you are in rest period and apply hot water treatment on the back. You can use some essential oils or aromatherapy oils for gentle massage over the lower right back where pain is acute. It will relax the muscles, reduce inflammation and improve your condition.

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