What Causes Swollen Ankles? - A Few Common Causes of Swelling Feet Or Ankle

Published: 19th December 2008
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The abnormal build up of fluid between the body cells in the areas of ankle, feet and legs is medically called peripheral edema. Alternatively they are called by different names. What causes swollen ankles? Well, there are few things which are responsible for causing swollen ankle or feet. It can be your diet habit, a disease in some body parts, drug effect or some sort of accident in rare cases.

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Painless swelling is a very common phenomenon in older people and especially pregnant women. The swollen may be in both the legs, may include calves, thighs or knees too. Due to gravity effect the swelling is very much noticeable in the locations. What causes swollen ankles, if a person is not pregnant? Let us have a look at 'what are the causes of swollen ankles. Here are few of them.

* Swollen ankles is common if there is prolonged standing in a Que or other places. Sometimes long automobile rides or long duration flights too can cause swollen ankles.

* In women, menstruation, pregnancy can be a cause of swollen ankle, feet or legs. In pregnancy if there is excessive swelling then it may be a sign of pre-eclampsia which needs immediate doctor's attention because it is due to high blood pressure and swelling.

* If you are overweight there is a possibility that you may suffer from ankle swelling. Age, injury or trauma and other sort of hurt can be the causes of swollen ankles.

* If you ask a doctor what causes swollen ankles, he may answer you hundreds of reasons for them. Sometimes heart failures, liver damages, kidney problems and other conditions in your body metabolism too are responsible for swollen ankles.

* If you use laxatives then it can be a cause of your swollen ankles. Laxatives have been found among the many causes of swollen ankles. Like Laxatives, diuretics too can cause swollen ankles. Sometimes some drugs too are responsible for swollen feet or ankle.

What causes swollen ankles has the following answers too. The other conditions of swollen ankles or feet may be blood clot, infection in your legs, allergic reactions to some medicines or infections by pathogens, venous insufficiency what is your veins cannot pump blood properly, insect bite which you are not aware of , varicose veins, starvation or malnutrition, surgery of some kid and others. Medications like BP medicines, steroids, estrogens, antidepressants and others too are responsible for swollen ankles.

Now that you know more details regarding the question of what causes swollen ankles, you should take some action in order to solve the problem. Changing your lifestyle by implementing a healthy and balanced diet is the most important step you should take into consideration. In combination with performing several workouts per week you are taking effective measures to solve your problem of swollen ankles.

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Liam Hopkins on September 2, 2011 said:
Ankle joints are one of those body parts that nobody ever give a second thought to until something goes wrong and things CAN do wrong.
Sprained ankle on September 2, 2011 said:
Depending on the amount of damage or the number of ligaments that are damaged, each sprain is classified from mild to severe. The amount of force that is placed on the ankle helps classify which grade of sprain is suffered.
Emma Morris on September 9, 2011 said:
Although swollen ankles could just be due to something simple, they could also be down to a blood clot or something more serious so if you are worried about the swelling you should contact a doctor. You can then be reassured that there is not a serious problem, or you could also receive a suitable treatment. This article is helpful in alerting people of the situations in which a swollen ankle is either trivial or serious.

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